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My “Go-to” Essential Oils Book

I absolutely love this little EOs Pocket Reference book. It is chocked-full of useful information (EOs names, plant origins, extraction methods, uses, application methods, and blends the oil is used in, quick usage guides, personal usage information, disease, illness, and symptoms guide with recommended EOs with application and usage information, EOs blends data, and has several blank note pages in the back to add your own notes).
I use it often as a reference, have frequently used pages marked & write little notes in it as needed! It is small enough to easily fit into my massive purse or a bag.
This is my “go-to” book when looking for information on my essential oils, ailments, or illnesses!
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Perfect LapDesks for the homeschooler..

We bought 2 of these LapDesks for our sons for homeschool so they could veer away from sitting at the kitchen table. They absolutely love them! They fit comfortably on their laps with the two rows of Styrofoam beads underneath. The clip on the end of the desk is a great added addition to keep papers or workbooks in place when you store the LapDesk & the handle hole is perfect for little hands to carry the LapDesk.
The surface is a little rough (not smooth) for writing or drawing, but we just put paper or a workbook under neath what we are writing on, so that is not an issue for us. The LapDesk itself is flexible, but that has not been an issue for us either! They have used these for their laptops very few times, and they seem to work well!
Overall, this LapDesk is perfect for us to enjoy school anywhere at a reasonable price!
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