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My story
When I was young, I was a “tomboy.” I hung around my older boy cousins & their friends & had several guy friends of my own. Being one of the only or few “girls” among many older boys, I always tried to keep up with, out due, out run, and out ride the boys. I was just “one of the guys,” but always felt the need to prove myself! I kept very active into high school…I lifted weights, exercised, walked allot, worked several jobs, babysat, competed in sports, volunteered, and managed a business.
During my first pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was devastated to have to inject 6 insulin shots a day during my last trimester. After getting married & giving birth to my son, I was borderline diabetic. At an unhealthy, whooping 260lbs, I realized that I did not recognize nor like the person starting back at me in the mirror. I started on my long journey of becoming healthier & losing weight. I changed my eating habits & started going to the YMCA to work out. After 4 years of dedication & hard work, it was a proud moment when I hit my 90lbs milestone.
After all the turbulent trials that life threw at me, with being a busy working mother & wife, and having many complications during all of my pregnancies with my sons, over the years, I started putting myself last, once again. I have slowly gained back 19lbs and have acquired many health issues, including Type 1st diabetes & bursitis of the joints. I find myself to be exhausted easily, sleep deprived, achy, unmotivated, depressed, stressed & unhappy with my weight. I was completely disappointed…whoa, how did I get here?
I am the type of person who doesn’t do well with most medications. I am unable to tolerate almost every pain medication out there, I have been switched from many different diabetic & cholesterol medications due to the side effects, and I stay away from “diet pills.” To me, diet pills are nothing more than a “miracle pill” with many negative side effects & their “victims” usually end up feeling worse & gaining back the weight after they finish using them. I have seen these results happen more times than I can count!
I like to take the slow & HEALTHY approach when I feel the need to lose weight or feel better. I use my FitBit to help keep me motivated to keep moving, increased my exercise, and I also take a daily handful of vitamins with my medications in hopes that they will help my ailments.
At the beginning of this year, my husband, myself, and one of my best friends (our sons’ Godmother) started the Daniel Plan. It worked wonders in several areas, such as, helping us to alleviate processed foods, caffeine, gluten, sugars/sweeteners, hidden chemicals & it helped us grow stronger in our faith, improved our health & taught us about eating healthier, whole foods. Months later, although we were still sticking to the Daniel Plan about 60% of the time, I was still not feeling close to my best! I was becoming very frustrated with my efforts, and was wanting to give up hope of ever feeling like I did when I was younger. After all, this happens with age, right? Huh…not if I can help it!!! I was sick & tired of just surviving…I wanted to Thrive!

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My Thrive Experience
Well, this last weekend, a very sweet friend of ours from the campground started talking about “thriving.” She seemed very enthusiastic about the new Thrive products she was trying & about the way she was starting to feel….AMAZING! You couldn’t wipe the radiant smile off her face…she was glowing with happiness! I couldn’t help but feel excited for & proud of her! Ugh, but I wanted to feel that way again! After all…who doesn’t want to feel & look their best?
Pondering her words, I started doing my research on the Le-Vel Thrive products. Needless to say, I WAS BLOWN AWAY!
Finally, a wellness program with many of the vitamins & supplements I take right now.

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BAM….Impressive, eh? Well, I was thoroughly impressed! And I loved how simple it was for a busy mommy like myself! Hhhmmm?
I, later talked with my friend to get more information & I was so impressed, right after we got off the phone, I ordered my Thrive Experience package! I was so excited about the success stories I heard, the impressive ingredients, and the fact that I could earn my Thrive products FREE every month…before the end of the day, I signed up to be a Brand Promoter. I listened to several training conference calls to get some insight on how to help grow my business. Boy, I came out running & even more motivated….I just knew THRIVE was for me!!!!!! 🙂
I am very personable, but I am not a salesperson by any means…when people say I couldn’t sell water to a fish, they mean it…lol! But I was SO amazed on how the results of the products spoke for themselves, I thought…I CAN DO THIS!  So without hesitation…I immediately ordered my promoter package & started setting up social media profiles to help promote my new business adventure. And off I went….
For more information on these amazing, life changing products, visit my Thrive page, FB, Twitter, or Instagram. I post the most current information on my Facebook.

Lord, I pray that you will lead me to better health & well-being. Please help me to be successful in my new business journey, as I help others make positive changes in their lives.
In Jesus Name, Amen!

Thrive with me....find out more! http://ThrivingWithDee.Le-Vel.com

Thrive with me….find out more! http://ThrivingWithDee.Le-Vel.com

So, what is Thrive? Thrive is an 8 week experience that will change your life! It is a 3 part system (capsules, a lifestyle mix & a DFT (derma fusion technology (patch)) that has over 100+ HIGH QUALITY, GRADE A, PREMIUM vitamins & minerals. It is known for aiding in weight loss, reducing aches/pains/migraines, improving mental clarity, boosting your energy level (I no longer drink caffeinated coffee or sodas), reducing recovery time between workouts etc, & elevating your mood. We also have other products such as Rest, Boost, Balance, Activate etc..
Le-Vel is a company that was started by Paul Gravette & Jason Camper in 2012.
Le-Vel has grown to OVER 6800% in the last year & is the fastest growing company of it’s kind with over 100k NEW accounts each month! They have a panel of specialists that assist in their product ingredients selections, such as doctors (nathropathic & traditional), dietitians, etc.
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The company, Le-Vel, has amazing bonuses (car, trip, iPad), limitless pay, amazing promotions! It’s all cloud based so you can do it from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere! There are many phone trainings & my team is amazing at helping you succeed!
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My Thrive Diary

•Day 1-I was rather impressed on how quickly I received my orders. I was very excited and woke up early this morning. I immediately took my 2 Thrive women’s capsules and skipped my cappuccino. After reading my Bible plans (about 30 minutes later), I mixed HALF of the Thrive lifestyle mix with a big glass of filtered water (so I could get a taste of how the mix tastes alone). I continued my crazy morning routine of making lunches, breakfast, getting my boys up & ready for school, as I sipped on my Thrive & water mix. Just before our morning prayer & my boys departure for school, I cleaned & placed the DFT Ultra patch on my upper arm. About an hour later, I did my injection & took my medications, but eliminated my big handful of vitamins. I could feel alittle difference. Ready to start my busy day 🙂 Tomorrow’s camping day…ecstatic for the long weekend & the beautiful weather!

•Day 2-Woop woop, it’s Friday & I finished my first day of thriving! On to day 2…
Busy busy…lots to do today!

Day 3– Good morning peeps???? It’s a fabulous morning at our camper & I am feeling great???? Are you Thriving yet? If not, boy are you missing out…..
Come on…Thrive with me!

Day 6-After enjoying our holiday weekend, back to the grind again today. The last couple days I have felt terrific, but today was my Ah-ha moment! I am actually going to bed at a decent time & sleeping much sounder! I haven’t had one of my debilitating migraines since I started Thriving, and my mood & energy have slightly increased! Best day thriving yet! It can only get better from here!!!!
If you have been thinking about starting Thrive….now is the time!
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Day 7-I was up extra early this morning…time to start my crazy busy day! I am very excited about the new Thrive products that will be coming out this summer…I can’t wait to tell you all about them, so stay tuned!!!! I am also working on a 1 week Thrive giveaway & should have that up & running by this weekend….so be sure to check back here or at my Facebook Page often! Praying you all have a wonderful day….blessings & love ❤
Day 8– I have been Thriving for a week now…
and, what can I say other than…I am absolutely in love with Thrive! ❤
*My bursitis, aches & pains are cut in half
*My debilitating headaches have vanished
*My blood sugar levels have slightly decreased (I am diabetic)
*My mood has leveled off and I am much more cheerful
*My energy has soared..and, yes, without any caffeine…BAM!
*My skin problems have slightly diminished
*I am sleeping much sounder, going to bed earlier & waking up more rested than before
*I am down almost 3lbs…woop woop! 🙂
I have also increased my exercise daily & have been getting way more done than I did Pre-Thrive.
My husband & boys have already noticed a difference & are VERY supportive & encouraging! I am blessed
beyond belief to have such amazing family support, to be feeling better, and to be promoting such amazing
products that I am so very passionate about.
So, stay tuned for more updates….
Meanwhile, if you have been looking for something to help change your life….THRIVE IS IT! I am probably
one of the biggest skeptics ever, but THRIVE made me a believer! I am totally, completely grateful that I took a
leap of faith and started Thriving. Thrive has helped me make so many positive changes & I promise it can help you too!

Don’t just survive…THRIVE!


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Many people have asked me why I Thrive? This is my why…

What is your why?

Month 2– Thrive has changed the lives of soooo many people, including mine & my family’s! My husband started thriving with me a month ago & our oldest son started thriving 4 days ago. They were both so impressed on how much I have changed & how much better I have been feeling they wanted to change their lives & feel better also! They both felt a big difference on day one of Thriving (day oners). We are a thriving family ❤
My Thrive update: It has increased my energy level…so my activity level more than doubled, my FitBit steps have more than doubled, my aches & pains have almost completely diminished, my sleep had improved & I wake up refreshed, my mental clarity has improved, my migraines are non-existant….BONUS! I am only down 5 lbs, but my clothes are loose & I have toned up & gained muscle. My recovery time between power walks & activities has been cut in half. My mood has elevated quite a bit, my depression has disappeared, my blood sugars have decreased (I am diabetic), and I feel amazing!
I pray that everyone could feel as amazing as we do… FEELING IS BELIEVING!
THRIVE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I feel blessed to have another chance to feel my best! I sell Thrive because I honestly do love it! Join the Thrive life… what are you waiting for?

Month 5-Still feeling fabulous! Love the fact that I have not suffered from the “winter blues” yet this year! I have been switching off between the Ultra DFTs & the Black Label DFTs. I add my boost or a half of my Lifestyle Mix in the afternoon for help on those extra long days. I absolutely love my Chocolate Lifestyle mix with a cup of decaf coffee on those cold mornings…my favorite drink! I have not used my alarm clock since June, my body feels rested & ready to start the day! My doctor discontinued one of my medications after I have been taking it for over 7 years….BONUS! I am truly grateful that Thrive is in my life! Thrive has helped me become a better mother, wife, and person, and I have made extra money for the holidays! The best part is, I have been thriving for 5 months for FREE! Ask me how to Thrive for FREE!

Month 7-TODAY IS FREE CREDITS DAY..WOOP WOOP! Thriving for FREE is actually pretty easy!!!! EVERYONE knows at least 2 people who could benefit from the amazing results of Thrive. You just need 2 or more people who sign up for their FREE account through YOUR referal/Le-Vel site link {YOURLEVELUSERNAME.Le-Vel.com} and place an order on autoship, you will get Le-Vel credits (one credit=$1) to use on your next months Thrive order=THRIVING FOR FREE! I just received my Le-Vel credits and this is my 7th month THRIVING FOR FREE! Thriving is AMAZING, but it is even better when you get to THRIVE FOR FREE!
I am grateful that my mood and well-being are both MUCH better than the years past. Winter is usually VERY hard on me! The winter blues and excessive weight gain usually take over my winter months…BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I feel fabulous and am grateful to FINALLY feel like myself again after years of feeling sick & tired! I look forward to making all my resolutions/dreams/goals come true in 2016 & would LOVE to help you change your life for the better this year!  Contact me to get started, or go to my site for more information, or to sign up for your FREE, NO obligation, NO spam, NO money needed Le-Vel account!

1/13/16-TODAY I am starting the NO Thrive Experience Challenge…eeekkkkssss! Please say a prayer for me & follow my journey!

Lord, Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference! AMEN!!!


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