My NO Thrive Experience


How I feel about doing the NO Thrive Experience challenge!

Say what? Yes, you read that right…I am taking the NO Thrive Experience Challenge, against my better judgement of course! No capsules, no Lifestyle Mix, no DFT, no Balance, no Boost…no Thrive anything for several days! Follow my journey…

When I finally decided to take that leap of faith to experience how the Thrive Experience could change my life, I truly had no idea how much Thrive would do just that! I just knew I desperately needed & wanted a change, that I was completely fed up with feeling sick and tired! I wanted so badly to be the wife, mother, person I KNEW I could be!
Although my first ah-ha moment didn’t kick in until my 6th day, it was followed by many other ah-ha moments and has only gotten better from there!
I’m coming up on my 8th month of Thriving already, and I am ever so grateful for all of the wonderful things Thrive has done for my family & myself! I feel blessed every single day that I am thriving!
To be very honest, I am worried about this challenge! Although it seems like a distant memory, I do remember how miserable I was before Thrive…yikes!
I know this is crazy, insane, foolish, or whatever you want to call it, but it definitely helps me to think that I have my Thrive nearby so I can quickly get restarted, and that it won’t last forever, thank goodness!

So why would I do it you ask? Well, I am taking this NO Thrive Experience challenge for several reasons:

1st– After thriving persistently, correctly, and faithfully (taking my 2 capsules as soon as I wake up, 25 minutes later drinking my Lifestyle Mix, then slapping on my DFT foam)…every single day for 8 almost months, my body now is accustomed to a new normal, an amazing normal. I am very used to and love the NEW ME, MY NEW OUTLOOK, MY NEW MORNING ROUTINE, MY NEW LIFE! It’s time to hit that reset button & restart.
2nd-Not that I EVER want to feel the way I did prior to Thrive (exhausted, moody, unmotivated, stressed, brain fog, withdrawn, achy all over, migraines…and the list goes on), but I believe it is necessary to help me appreciate, even more, how much Thrive has changed my life! And it will help me see things from a different perspective again, back when I was just barely surviving my days, before I was Thriving through my days!
3rd-It will help me see more clearly my whys that helped me take that leap of faith in the first place and why I will always be a Thriver….for life!
4th-It will help me so I am more aware of the pre-Thrive life (since it has been so long), so I am better able to help others. I want others to fully understand that we have ALL been in that not-so-good place, that there is a BETTER way, things can change, you can change your life & make it better….I PROMISE!!! If I can change my life, anyone can!!!! And I want to help everyone feel as amazing as I do!

Time to reset my Thrive Experience….
Bring on the craziness….eekksss!
Day 1-8AM-I have been up for quite some time now…not too motivated to get myself moving to get this busy day started. It seems very strange not taking my 2 Thrive capsules, my Lifestyle Mix, and not putting on my DFT.
On this very cold winter morning, I am sipping on my hot decaf coffee without my Thrive Lifestyle mix…eewww! It’s amazing how much flavor my Thrive Lifestyle Mix adds! Wednesdays are my busiest days, so time to finish up my Bible readings, say a prayer, and start my day. I have schooling, grades, paperwork, housework, grocery shopping, errands, swim & gym classes for our boys, samples to deliver and mail out, and calls to make. I best get my rear in gear! I pray I can survive the day!
I will update later…
10AM-Hhmmm, still not motivated and have very little energy..ICK! I really need a kick in the butt, because I have so many things to get done before we head out! I am thinking I might have to stop by the gas station and grab myself a Diet Dew or something to help get me through my busy day!

4:30PM-I am finally back from all the running around and shopping…phew, is it bedtime yet? WHAT A DAY…ICK! All I can say is THRIVE IS A BLESSING! I seriously expected today not to be much different, after all, it’s only my first day without Thrive, how bad could it get? Boy was I wrong! The later it gets, the worse it gets! I feel completely exhausted, achy, and MOODY…whoa, I am not liking myself very much! Our middle son even said to me this afternoon, “Mom, I can tell you aren’t thriving! How long are you doing this?” Lol…like I said, everyone around you notices the difference when you’re thriving. Let’s see if I can actually get anything done around my house tonight and if I can actually stay awake long enough to be on the Thrive call?

Update later….

9:30PM-I got my phone calls done and a few things for my business, but that is all I got accomplished. I am completely exhausted, achy, moody and I now have a headache…this no thrive is no fun! My husband was laughing at me because anyone that knows me well, knows when I am extremely tired, I talk…ALLOT! I was quite the chatterbox…lol! I am not a quitter and I have good reasons to go without my Thrive, so I will brave through one more day, but that is it! The memory of my pre-Thrive life is definitely not a time I want to relive! People were made to Thrive, not just survive. I’m exhausted…Goodnight all…

Day 2– 7AM-I woke up, but no bright-eyed or bushy tailed, no rising & shining! I am achy, tired, and unmotivated! I do not feel rested and I now have a cold…yay me! I am sipping on my nasty tasting decaf coffee (without my Lifestyle Mix) while reading my Bible readings. I keep telling myself, ‘YOU GOT THIS, this is your last day without your Thrive….FOREVER!” I have a feeling it’s going to be a struggle to get anything done today! Ugh…

3PM-I homeschooled and we made our own lunchables for lunch. Still achy, unmotivated, moody, and tired. I have been wanting to take my Thrive Boost today so badly!! My energy is completely depleted, gggrrrrr! I did take a much needed nap this afternoon…not that it helped much! I have another headache & my digestive system is back to being really messed up as well, but nothing Thrive Balance can’t fix when I start back on my Thrive tomorrow! Boy, I am missing the new ME & I am truly missing how amazing I was feeling! I am soooo ready to get this awful day over & get back to thriving!

8:30PM-Woohoo, I am so excited to get back to thriving tomorrow morning! I will NEVER EVER go without my Thrive again! This NO Thrive Experience journey has really opened my eyes to help me remember how miserable I was before I started thriving and I NEVER want to go back to feeling the way I used to prior to Thrive again! I have accomplished my goals above and I am ready to continue my Thrive Life for the rest of my life. I am grateful & blessed to have Thrive in my life! It has helped me emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially! Believe me when I say, we have ALL been in that not-so-good place, that there is a BETTER way, things can change, you can change your life & make it better….I PROMISE!!! If I can change my life, anyone can!!!! And I want to help everyone feel as amazing as I do! If you have any doubts about how amazing the Thrive Experience is, just trust me and buy a month’s worth of products, and if you don’t absolutely love it after 15 days, I will buy back your remaining unused products! Seriously, the Thrive Experience is something that is hard to explain, it must be experienced! Feeling is truly BeLieVing…PREPARE TO BE AMAZED!

Being skeptical is okay, giving up before you even try is not.


I will be posting my 24hr pre-recorded Thrive call sometime before next weekend, so keep checking for that.

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