I pray this EVERY single day. I think this prayer is perfect for any parent to pray for their children & wanted to share it! ENJOY..

As they mature and leave the home
Provide them adequate finances, but not riches;

spouses who will love them, but not worship them;

Give them sorrows, but not too deep;

struggles, but not too great;

Make them seasoned, but not hopeless;

comfortable in their own skin, but not vain;

zealous, but equally wise;

knowledgeable, but filled with humility;

content, but continually striving;

Allow them to be confident, but not cocky; 

humble, but not sheepish; 

gracious, but not fearful;

Mature their body in strength, their emotions with sophistication and their imaginations with grounding;

Fill their lungs with deep laughter and their souls with joy.

But even as I pray these things, there is one prayer that soars above the rest:

Bestow upon them your grace.

Lavish them with your mercy.

Drench them with your love.

Give them the gift of faith.

Satiate all their appetites with you.

Fill them with your Holy Spirit.

Set them apart for your holy service.

Bring them into union with Christ.

Let their hearts know a peace that surpasses understanding.

Grant that my children would be Your children.

That would make this child exceedingly thankful.

Hear my prayer, O Father of mercy and grace.


[Source: The Gospel Coalition/Jason Helopoulos]

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