Happy Monday

Happy Monday, Love God

Happy Monday, Love God


Well another week has crept up on us. Why is it that Monday, for most, is the most dreaded day of the week?

  • It is because it is the day we have to get back into our work, school, and sleeping routine?
  • Maybe it is because it is the day following the weekend, and our bodies are confused & worn out from the sleep disruptions it endured over the weekend? 
  • Is it because it is the start of the weekdays, and they tend to be busier, therefore, there is less time to do the things we need/want to do, thus adding stress?
    Is it because over the weekend you enjoyed the time you shared with loved ones?
  • Could it be because you enjoyed the time you spent enjoying God’s beauty that surrounds us, while hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, sledding, gardening and such.
  • Or maybe because you loved the time spent with your “church family”, praising & spending time with our Lord?

Well, whatever our individual reasons are for disliking Monday so fiercely, it  can also be a day when we can start a fresh week and explore new opportunities! A day to be renewed..a time to dream new dreams, make new goals & embrace the people & things God gave us!

A wonderful way to start the week off right is to pray:
Ask the Lord to help you through whatever this week throws at you.  Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see things with a different perspective. Also, ask Him to open your heart, so you may be a blessing to others.

May your week be amazingly beautiful, filled with blessings & God’s love ❤

Love & Blessings,

Blessed Mama ❤

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