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My New Adventure

You better believe that I love being a mommy & wife more than anything else in this world & that I also love helping others & volunteering. The hard part is, I don’t get paid. Sure, my husband & boys shower me with hugs, kisses & love, but I don’t contribute financially. We have been content with this since I have not found any businesses that I have felt passionate about….until now! I finally found something worth starting my own business over & I can help myself while helping others….BONUS!  Go to my new blog page.

I needed to put me FIRST for once! I was sick & tired of just surviving…I wanted to Thrive!

My Thrive Experience
Well, this last weekend, a very sweet friend of ours from the campground started talking about “thriving.” She seemed very enthusiastic about the new Thrive products she was trying & about the way she was starting to feel….AMAZING! You couldn’t wipe the radiant smile off her face…she was glowing with happiness! I couldn’t help but feel excited for & proud of her! Ugh, but I wanted to feel that way again! After all…who doesn’t want to feel & look their best?
Pondering her words, I started doing my research on the Le-Vel Thrive products. Needless to say, I WAS BLOWN AWAY!
Finally, a wellness program with many of the vitamins & supplements I take right now.

Thrive ingredient list. Impressive, eh? Thrive with me....find out more!

Impressive, eh? Find out more!

BAM….Impressive, eh? Well, I was thoroughly impressed! And I loved how simple it was for a busy mommy like myself! Hhhmmm?
I, later talked with my friend to get more information & I was so impressed, right after we got off the phone, I ordered my Thrive Experience package! I was so excited about the success stories I heard, the impressive ingredients, and the fact that I could earn my Thrive products FREE every month…before the end of the day, I signed up to be a Brand Promoter. I listened to several training conference calls to get some insight on how to help grow my business. Boy, I came out running & even more motivated….I just knew THRIVE was for me!!!!!! 🙂
I am very personable, but I am not a salesperson by any means…when people say I couldn’t sell water to a fish, they mean it…lol! But I was SO amazed on how the results of the products spoke for themselves, I thought…I CAN DO THIS!  So without hesitation…I immediately ordered my promoter package & started setting up social media profiles to help promote my new business adventure. And off I went….
For more information on these amazing, life changing products, visit my Thrive pageFBTwitter, or Instagram.

Lord, I pray that you will lead me to better health & well-being. Please help me to be successful in my new business journey, as I help others make positive changes in their lives.
In Jesus Name, Amen!

Go to my new blog page for updates on my new journey 🙂

Ask me about Thrive! http://ThrivingWithDee.Le-Vel. com

Ask me about Thrive!

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