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I have a very dear friend (she is like a mom to me) who has been battling cancer & needs a surgery to remove her only kidney & bladder, meanwhile they found out her husband has lung cancer & it may have spread to his lymph nodes. He has an appt with an oncologist Monday to find out more. Their finances are slim to none with all of the surgeries, treatments, doctors appts, and medication they have been receiving.
I have another dear friend who’s boyfriend’s uncle was in a very serious ATV accident on Sunday & is technically “brain dead” & the family has the VERY hard decision whether they should take him off the ventilator.
And my closest friend “sister” needs a surgery to regain the use of her arm & her recovery will be long, therefore she won’t be able to work until it’s fully healed.
Please keep them all in your prayers, for I can’t bear to see them hurting & scared & they all mean so much to me!
Thank you, for I am very grateful for your prayers!
Love & blessings always ❤


❤ Blessed Mama ❤

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    • Blessed Mama Post author

      Evelyn, I am truly sorry, I didn’t see your response! Thank you very much for keeping these families in your prayers! We have seen the Lord step in to help in certain areas also! Blessings & love to you dear sister ❤