Raising charitable children


Children learn best by example. And one of the most valuable lessons they can learn is how to be charitable. I know we try our best to lead our boys by our example of being giving. We have always been giving of our money and/or of our time; sometimes maybe more than we should have or could have, but none the less, we love giving! We believe that helping others will teach our sons valuable lessons, such as, how to be grateful for what they have and to give when they are able. We give because it makes us feel good to help others and, because, the good Lord knows that we truly do know what it is like to have so little!

It is better to give much when you have little, than it is to give little when you have much ♡

We often wonder if we are doing a “good enough” job teaching our sons how to be giving, then something will happen to reassure us that our sons just might be grasping the idea 🙂 After months of preparing and planning a cancer benefit for our dear friends, the arrival of this anticipated day finally came this last weekend. The happiness, love, and generosity enveloping the crowded room was overwhelming!
I was a very proud mama as I watched my amazing boys as they tirelessly ran around for hours selling raffle tickets, helping replenish the food items, sharing smiles, hugs, and conversation with all of the generous people at the benefit.
It melted my heart to see my sons and the other children/young adults spending the day helping someone else…and really enjoying it….PRICELESS ♡
The whole experience was a wonderful restoration of my faith in humanity!
We try to live by and instill these 3 things into our sons:

Give what you can,
Work hard for what you want,
And be grateful to the Lord for what you have…

If we teach our children these 3 things, I believe we help pave a firm foundation that will help lead them to becoming charitable, Christ lead adults!
To give is to love and God is love ♡
Always love & help others, for this is pleasing to God!

Acts 20:35
It is more blessed to give than to receive.

♡ Love & Blessings ♡

Love & Blessings Always, Blessed Mama

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