Soul Transformation


The path to soul transformation is…
“Whatever is good for your soul…do that”!

We all stumble, “get lost”, overwhelmed, and worn out once in a while. That is just part of life. So, how do you deal with this when it happens?

Sometimes the best remedy is to take a deep breath, take a step back, and distance ourselves from the situations and people who add to our stresses, or hinder or shake our soul. This is also an excellent time for evaluation & other words, to do some soul transformation. I make this my New Year’s resolution every single year! I reflect & re-evaluate my strengths & weaknesses, my faith, my priorities, my hindrances, my attitude, my annoyances, my relationships, my dreams & goals, and most importantly, my soul.

Truth is, every relationship needs some work, just as, every soul needs some soul repair and/or maintenance.

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” ~C.S. Lewis

When we are born, our souls are pure & innocent. But every “hiccup” & triumph we go through, and every person we meet on “our journey”, can change our path, change our thinking, change our heart, and change our faith. These things all contribute to the alteration of our soul and our true self! And sometimes, we get so “off track”, that we completely lose who we truly are.
An annual soul transformation will aid you to
acknowledge, accept, and change the areas that hinder your soul & “true self”. It will guide you to focus on what things & relationships need to be repaired or eliminated to help you to become the best person you can be! And it will assist you on strengthening your soul!

First, figure out where your priorities lie. Are you making God, your spouse & your children your TOP priority? Or do you make your job, your friends, “partying”, hobbies etc your top priorities? Are the people and things in your life that should take top precedence, being neglected?

Re-evaluate the strength of your relationships with God, your spouse, your children, your family & your friends, and figure out in what ways they have flourished? And how this was accomplished? And how you can maintain this? In contrast, figure out what ways you still need to improve these relationships, and what steps you can take to help reach improvement?

  • Daily Bible readings
  • Praying
  • Being more thoughtful
  • Listening more
  • Spending more “quality time” together
  • Being less “naggy”
  • Expecting less or more
  • Being more understanding
  • Being more appreciative
  • Increasing communication & so on…

Sadly, the old saying, “Misery loves company” rings to be very true!
So, be sure that you don’t, unknowingly, bring misery to your relationships. Also, be sure that all of your relationships are worth “saving” & aren’t hindering your happiness. If a relationship is selfish and hurts you continuously, put up strict, clear, and consistent boundaries. If your attempts have failed, then sincerely consider decreasing or ending your interactions with them.
BEWARE, this can be the hardest part…trying to figure out what relationships are healthy for, or hindering your soul. And knowing when to try “harder” or having the courage to “let it go”. Be wise & courageous, and ask God for guidance and strength for the wisdom!

but test them all; hold on to what is good.. ~1 Thessalonians 5:21

While there are other people & situations we may want to change around us, remember that some things are beyond our control. And people cannot be forced to change, they must truly want it for themselves! Every single one of us have “downfalls” and weaknesses that we can change. We also, have the ability to change our happiness, our reactions, our actions, our situations, and our soul. But, the ability to change strictly depends on our faith, our dedication, and our “willingness” to truly want to change.

While re-evaluating, make sure to look deep within yourself. There are things within your soul that have been altered along this journey we call “life”, that also, can be changed! Meanwhile, the one thing you do have control over, and can change is…YOU!

But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults. ~Psalm 19:12

Dig deep within yourself and ask yourself what YOU are doing that could be hindering your relationships and your soul?

  • Are you truly happy?
  • Are you easily angered?
  • Are you easily irritated?
  • Are you easily jealous?
  • Are you too negative?
  • Are you miserable to be around?
  • Are you mean?
  • Do you expect too much or too little?
  • Are you neglectful?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or worn out from always doing for everyone else?
  • Are you an opportunist?
  • Are you dishonest?
  • Are you unappreciative?
  • Are you selfish?

HAPPINESS comes from within, therefore, it always starts with you!

Another dies in bitterness of soul, never having enjoyed anything good. ~Job 21:25

Evaluate your soul by looking at:

  • Your attitude
  • Your heart
  • Your intentions
  • Your actions
  • Your fears
  • Your feelings
  • Your hopes and dreams
  • Your contribution to your relationships
  • Your bitterness
  • Your hurts
  • Your expectations
  • The strength of your faith
….YOUR SOUL as a whole!

You need to focus on & change the things & people who are not good for your soul. ANYTHING that hinders your true potential for happiness needs to be altered or eliminated, whether it comes from within or not! This is NOT negotiable and is essential for a peaceful & happy soul!

Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. ~Proverbs 3:17

Next, reflect on your dreams and goals. What goals and dreams have you accomplished? What goals and dreams have you yet to reach? Make a list of these goals and dreams (a “bucket list”) with “realistic” deadlines. Jot down ways you can accomplish these goals and dreams. KEEP THE LIST VISIBLE to motivate yourself. 


Remember to always forgive, but be wise to the lessons learned! Forgiveness is essential for a peaceful soul!

For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more. ~Hebrews 8:12

Last, but surely not least, ALWAYS PRAY for guidance and wisdom toward positive changes!

Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. ~James 4:8


Best of luck with your soul transformations! Please feel free to share suggestions and ideas that would be helpful during soul transformation! Thank You 🙂

Love & Blessings, Blessed Mama

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