Spend time alone with God

Time with God What does this mean to you?

Does it mean praying, memorizing scripture, and/or reading the bible?

I believe it is all of the above! To grow our faith and to become closer to God, we must set aside time to spend with God….every single day; whether it be through prayer or scripture and Bible reading. Our relationship with God should be our top priority above all other relationships, for with God’s help, all other things and relationships will “fall into place”.

Spend time studying and learning His word and learn to ask God for guidance and help by praying and talking with Him; for He loves and desires to spend time with us! In our journey to growing closer to God, we must also learn to trust Him and to learn to be patient with His timing (to trust His answers or gifts to the things we ask of Him, to come when he feels it is the “right” time to fulfill your wants and needs), and to “listen” to Him!


Dear Lord, I want You and I need You! I need your guidance in my journey to grow closer to You! Please help me to be more of the person whom you want me to be and created me to be! Show me the patience to trust and to have faith in You to fulfill my prayers in your timing, for I know that You love me, hear me, and can see into my heart, and want what is best for me! Lord, Thank You for my blessings!



Blessings & Love,

❤ Blessed Mama ❤

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