Stop The Hate! 

Stop the hate!

To be completely honest, I am completely fed up with all of the hate!!!!!!! :'(

I am sick of the US VERSUS THEM mentality! 

It’s not about being right, it’s not about your occupation, skin color, religion, or being different, nor is it about having a reason to fuel the fire of hate, bitterness & segregation! 

Just because some people have made some horribly bad choices does not make everyone bad! Quit labeling….you can NOT judge ALL people in a group due to a few bad people! 

NOT all blacks are criminals, NOT all muslims are terrorists, NOT all gays are pedophiles, NOT all whites are racists, NOT all gun owners & cops are killers! 

I have met & know many police officers who are amazing people and who are doing what they do because their hearts are in the right place & they genuinely love what they do. MOST officers live by TO PROTECT & SERVE! 

They are real people with real families who work long hours, nights, weekends, holidays etc. They sacrifice their family time & lives to protect & serve others….and I do know this first hand!

What happened to love & forgiveness? 

Wake up people….STOP THE HATE & BLAME! 

Not everyone is bad because some people choose to be! Those in the wrong will have to pay for the horrific things they did someday! Leave the judging to God! 

{Psalms 75:7} 

It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall.

Ok….RANT OVER!!!! 

May God bless & protect you & yours! 

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