Jesus By David Stephens with Belief Changers

Jesus By David Stephens with Belief Changers

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2 thoughts on “Jesus By David Stephens with Belief Changers

  • Patricia Kinney

    I loved it! I have a grandson in prison, and I am going to send this to him. He will be release April 2018, and is coming here, from FL, where his family lives, He had a terrible home life, he has been in and out of jail since, he was 17, he will be 26 when he gets out, he knows if he come here that he will be loved and that this is a christian home, he is ADHD, bipolar, and has PTSD, from his life at home and prison, but he loves me and he knows the can count on me, so hopefully I can make a difference in his life before the good Lord calls me home, I am 69, I just keep praying that he won’t do anything that will get him more time, because I don’t know how long my Father in heaven will leave me here, so PRAY for me, my heart is in the right place, I love your site, God Bless you and your family!

    • Blessed Mama Post author

      Hello Patricia! Thank you for sharing your story! What a blessing it is for your grandson to have such a loving, beautiful, Christ-loving grandmother! We will keep you and your grandson in our prayers. May God heal your grandson’s heart and lead him down the path of righteousness!
      May God bless you and your family Patricia. PS: I would love to get updates!
      Love & blessings always…