Mother’s Day ღ

Happy Mother's Day ღ

Happy Mother’s Day ღ

As I sat quietly reading my daily devotions & sipping on my cappuccino, I realized that today is Mother’s Day-a day of celebration for us mothers.
As I looked at my sons & husband, I pondered the true meaning for this day of celebration.
Mother’s day, aahhhh, a day to be spoiled, loved, & celebrated, wow, what a wonderful thought.

But is that really the true meaning of this day?
As I reflected on my life & I counted my blessings, I felt deep gratitude toward the Lord!

To me, Mother’s day means this is the day to celebrate what the good Lord has blessed me with. My 3 beautiful, huge hearted, unique little souls that God has gifted me with ღ
Being a mother is truly the greatest gift that a woman could be gifted with. These little souls were given to us so we can fill their hearts, souls, and minds with all of the knowledge of life and God’s word. Little souls that we were chosen to mend, teach, love, guide, protect, & pray for.
I call them my angels, my gifts from heaven that bring heaven to this, sometimes, seemingly unfair, harsh, chaotic world. Angels that I hold the deepest love for!
Therfore, Mother’s day would not be a day to celebrate if God did not give us the blessed gift of our children.
I feel so very honored when I think about how God chose me, He trusted me, He loved me enough to let me raise these souls to be men of honor, men of integrity, and men of God!
A mother, absolutely! But I would not be celebrated on this amazing day without the gift of my children-my blessings, my gifts from God, my angels ღ
Mother’s day is a day to celebrate God’s greatest gift of being a mother!

I pray for blessings & love to all the mothers out there! Keep trying you’re best & always look to God for direction & wisdom! And to all the mothers that endure struggles, that fear failure, that feel overwhelmed, and/or feel scared…this too shall pass! Always look to God for direction, pray to Him persistently & with diligence…He hears all pleas.
I pray that every mother feels the warmth of love for her children as much as I do & pray that every child has a mother that reigns blessings & unconditional love down upon them..for God sent angels (mothers) to care for the sweet little souls while experiencing their life journey before joining Him in heaven for eternity.
Happy Mother’s Day, love & blessings always ღ

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