My Precious Child ♡


My precious child ♡

I feel that being a mother is the most amazing gift from God!

As we watched our oldest son graduate high school, I prayed for him!
I prayed that he would always be blessed, healthy, successful, faithful, kind, responsible, and happy, and that he will ALWAYS know how much he is loved by us, his parents, and by God!
I also prayed that his future will be abundantly blessed and filled with MANY happy moments!
Such a bittersweet day….my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts and my heart was heavy with emotions.
I am heavy hearted that he will never be little again! That my precious son, who was once a little mama’s boy, was now a man who was ready to spread his wings and continue on his next journey in life. But, I am also excited to see what our grown son’s future would entail….what good he will do in this world, what his wife will be like, what kind of man, husband, and father he will be, and what my grandchildren will look & be like.
But regardless how old my sons get, my love is unconditional, my heart is always with them, FOREVER & EVER!
I love you my son, for you are and always will be MY PRECIOUS CHILD ♡
Now spread your wings and fly, but always carry my love with you!

Love Always & Forever,
Your Blessed Mama ♡

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