Our Camper Remodel


"As for us & our camper, we will serve the Lord" ~Inspired by Joshua 24:15 {Camping links, tips & tricks & our camper remodeling project}

“As for us & our camper, we will serve the Lord” ~Inspired by Joshua 24:15

Welcome to our Pop-Up Camper remodeling update & camping adventures page!

We hope you enjoy the pictures (below) as much as we enjoy updating our new “home on wheels!” ENJOY 🙂


An oldie but a goodie in a beautiful family park with LOTS TO DO!
Looks can be deceiving…this little gem is a MUST SEE!
Our family has loved this camper for several years, the perfect “home away from home” with wonderful neighbors & seasonal campers!!!
31′ double wide camper with a wrap around deck with gazebo, overlooking the lower park & woods in a beautiful Jellystone family park close to Lake Koshkonong in Wisconsin.
2 bedrooms, one with a queen bed, closets, dresser, and storage & one small room with 2 bunks and a closet, drawers, and more storage.
NEW floor, stove/oven, large shed with electric, TV..
Full shower, lots of cabinet and closet space.
FULLY FURNISHED-appliances, TV with DVD player, soundbar, microwave, toaster, dishes, pot & pans, silverware, kitchen table & chairs, recliner, couch, and beautiful, sturdy wooden blinds throughout. Also includes: 8 ½’ screened-in porch (needs a few parts), patio furniture, outdoor frig, lawn mower, lawn blower/vacuum, gazebo, brick parking area off driveway, beautiful flower garden, cedar fence, blacktop driveway, and many extras.
NOTE: The golf cart is SOLD and the new shed is up by the driveway (will not consider selling shed separably).
The lowest yearly seasonal rate around & SOOO MUCH for the family to do! Check out the park’s amenities at http://www.jellystonefort.com

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The curtains that came with our camper were old, tattered & filthy! They were a dirty eggshell color & had worn rubber backing…eeewwww 😛 I tried everything to improve them, from washing & dyeing them, with no difference at all! So, I figured it was time to retire those old, outdated curtains! Bubbye old, time for new!!!! Well, after looking at dozens of material & curtains for weeks, I finally found some I loved at Shopko & waited for a sale! I got decorative ones for the windows & a burlap-type, solid burgundy color for the bunks. I sure got them for a steal, for they were on sale for 65% off…WOOP WOOP! Gotta love a great sale 🙂 I also looked into buying the camper curtain tabs to put on the curtains, but didn’t want to wait that long to have them shipped to me. I went through everything possible in our house to find something to use in place of the tabs. BUTTONS!!!!! The smaller buttons fit into the track PERFECTLY…VOILA! So, next, I went to Hobby Lobby to buy buttons & found a great deal on bags of assorted buttons, which had plenty of the smaller size I needed to fit into the curtain track! I also checked out prices & looked at material for possibly re-upholstering the cushions at Hobby Lobby & JoAnn Fabrics (mentally noted).

4.4 & 5-I sewed on the buttons for the curtain track. I sewed the buttons about 1 1/2″ apart across the back side of the curtains & made them wide enough to scrunch them some when we hang them. I still need to cut them to size & hem them all…will be a great project for a cold, rainy day.

4.7.14-I spent the day going to Goodwill & consignment stores to see if I could find any deals on cabinets, or anything I could use for the camper. Not allot of luck on things for our camper, but found some great deals on things for our boys!

4.11.14-We went to Menards & Harbor Freight for our supplies. We found some great sales & deals 🙂 We picked out & bought a gallon of paint (a tan color that went well with our curtains) & bought a gallon of Oil-based Primer & Sealant. We found a GREAT deal on a little 5,000 BTU air conditioner for the camper. We also bought a bundle of light-colored wood flooring & the trim that we liked {also on sale by the way}. They will help lighten up our camper 🙂 We also bought some other odds & ends that we will need for the camper remodeling. We absolutely enjoyed a delicious dinner at Panera Bread…yummm 😛 Definitely one of my favorite places to eat, just wish we had one closer though 🙁

4.12.14-My husband & I spent most of the day browsing more Goodwill & consignment stores. We had an amazing lunch at a small little pub & grill and enjoyed the most delicious stuffed burgers ever. We sat outside for lunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather, for these days have become far & few between. We didn’t find many deals, but we sure enjoyed visiting & spending time together 

4.13.14-We removed the sink, stove, kitchenette cabinet, the furnace, furnace counter, the 2 dinette tables, the bench next to the furnace & the refrigerator. We cleaned the linoleum floors & stapled the parts that were lifting up, rewired, added an outlet, added a pulley, and capped off the gas to the stove, all under the sink area. We did take part of the day off to celebrate our son’s 10th Birthday ❤ I made him a Pineapple Upside Down cake (his favorite), Crock pot lasagna & garlic bread sticks for his Birthday supper 🙂 And he helped me make sugar cookies for his Birthday treat for school the next day. He really enjoyed his Birthday…love that little guy bunches ❤

4.19.14-I removed all drawers, doors & hinges & taped off the painting areas with painter’s tape. My husband started building the new bench and storage area next to our bunk.

4.19 & 20-Me & our two little men painted 2 coats of OIL BASED primer & sealant on all of the ugly paneling, drawers and cabinet doors. {*TIP: Give the primer at least 4-6 hours to dry completely (or at least until it is no longer tacky) before adding the second coat of primer or before painting. It stayed tacky for quite sometime.}

4.20.14-I sprayed Waterproof Protection spray on the entire outside of the canvas & resealed all the seams with Coleman© Seam Sealer. {*TIP: Use the Seam Sealant on the seams on the inside of the canvas}. My husband also cut the hole for & inserted the air conditioner & continued building the new bench and storage area next to our bunk.

4.26 & 27-It has been hard to get much done with all the rain lately…and lucky us, we have a forecast filled with plenty of more wet days ahead 🙁 UGH! It is a cold, rainy & windy weekend, so we plugged in a small portable heater & continued working. We painted several coats of our tan-colored paint over the primer/sealant {the heater helped it dry quickly}.

My painting adventures have convinced me (and everyone else) that I am a very klutzy painter…lol! I sure had everyone laughing during my painting escapades 🙂 Laughter is a necessity!

Meanwhile, my husband cut the counter for the area to the right of the door {furnace area & extended counter we added by our bunk}. {*TIP: When cutting counters, use a saw blade meant to cut laminate & place painter’s tape over the area on the counter that you will cut through.} LOVE LOVE LOVE the counter and paint color…everything is coming together beautifully!!!!!! Can’t wait to finish, it is so exciting seeing the progress we have made to our “home on wheels” thus far!!!!!!!

5.3.14-It finally stopped raining long enough to continue on with our camper remodeling. We went to Shopko to hit some more sales & to use our $15 off coupon. We found a great sale on some water & sandbox toys for our boys, colorful stringed lantern lights (for the outside of our camper), metal galvanized platter & kitchen caddy, and a screened-in gazebo that we would like to modify to use in place of an awning. We also painted the last coat of paint onto the sink/stove area, and the drawers & cabinet doors & touched up anything that needed paint touch-ups.

5.4.14-I measured, marked & pinned the curtains, so I can cut & sew them to size. My husband got the holes cut into the counter for the sink & faucet & I caulked the holes & we placed and braced them into the counter. We started screwing the hinges & handles back onto the drawers & cabinet doors. We also started brainstorming more organization & storage ideas to merge into our camper remodel.

WOOHOOO, THIS FIXER UPPER project has been SOOO MUCH FUN & we are so close to seeing our completed “Home on Wheels”…WE CANNOT WAIT:-)

5.10.14-My husband started installing the new wood floor.

5.11.14-My husband finished the floor and installed the wood trim. I caulked the empty spaces under the cabinets etc. where the trim wouldn’t fit. {*TIP-You can buy caulk that matches the color of your wood floors to fill in any gaps.}.

5.15.14-While recovering from the flu that hit our household (UGH), I sewed more buttons onto the curtains and finished sewing my curtains, and then we hung them up in the PU. I also put the wording onto the bottom of our new bench. It says,

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.

5.17.14-We had a half box left of our wood flooring, so my husband made a table out of the wood flooring. I brushed three coats of polyurethane on the table. My husband made a wire shelf to fit over the sink counter. He added a wire shelf attachment screwed onto the shower curtain rod, so we can hang a wire shelf (picture below)

5.18.14-My husband scrubbed the camper top with dish soap & a scrub brush..phew, boy was it DIRTY (pic below). Then, once it was dry, I caulked the camper roof where it looked like it needed more. I let it dry over night.

5.19.14-My husband added some storage clips for a broom etc to under the bench lid and added a flashlight holder by the door (picture below). I added FAITH LOVE HOPE lettering to the area under the sink counter & hung the 2 smaller curtains I made with the leftover curtain material I used for the bunks to go over the storage openings (pictures below)

5.22.14VOILA, we are done with our camper remodel, as of now. There are still some things we would like to do to our PU (such as I still want to make new cushion covers to match the rest of the decor), but we have exhausted ourselves, our time, and our remodeling budget……TIME TO TRY OUT OUR NEW “Home on Wheels”. We are ECSTATIC to take it camping for the first time since the remodel & for this year! It’s Memorial weekend…so we couldn’t have timed it any better! And the weather has been perfect lately & suppose to be ALL WEEKEND! YAY! Been preparing meals, packing & getting things ready all day so we can head out and ENJOY this blessed & beautiful weekento

Memorial weekend
We started looking into seasonal sites at several campgrounds within an hour of where we live. We decided to try our newly remodeled pop-up at a campground we haven’t been to before, so we reserved a spot at Lakeland. We had fun there, but we were NOT impressed! We were looking for a more family/kid friendly campground. We drove through & got information on many campgrounds in the area, but we missed Jellystone. So, as soon as we got home from our camping trip, we called Jellystone & drove up to check out their seasonal sites. We fell in love with one of the lots (it was very rustic looking & near the woods & lake) & reserved it for the following weekend.

We signed the paperwork to become seasonal owners and spent a wonderful, fun-filled weekend at Jellystone on our new lot.

We have been enjoying our weekends at Jellystone all summer! We have been blessed by meeting many wonderful new people & friends. We enjoyed cookouts, parties, golf cart poker, swimming, games, walks, campfires, campfire cooking, crafts, activities, tennis, meeting Gilbert Brown & Craig Newsome (former Packers), & the list goes on! Our oldest son even got a job at the Pic-A-Nic restaurant there for the summer 🙂
Friday (9.12.14), we decided to retire our pop-up and we bought an older park model trailer & golf cart at the same park, yes, I know, it’s more like “glamping”, but we know we love being at Jellystone & want to enjoy many years of memories to come & we wanted a bathroom, kitchen & more room. We worked the whole weekend on doing allot of cleaning & yard work & were very impressed with our improvements. We could not be more exited to fix up our new to us trailer this next year 🙂 Our family absolutely loves Jellystone & we have had the best summer yet, so we look very forward to all of our new adventures in our new “home away from home”. We feel very blessed to be able to have these family times to add to our memories ❤


We will keep you updated on all of our trips & adventures….Til then, HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!

We will be adding more pictures & updates as we get more completed, so visit often!

Love & Blessings Always, Blessed Mama



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9 thoughts on “Our Camper Remodel

  • Marcel Ethier

    I have always used Dawn to clean my 5th wheel and truck. Did a great job but I recently read in RVtravel.com that while it will not affect the finish, dish soap will strip the wax off the surface so that you will have to rewax the rv and/or truck each time. They recommended an RV soap that will not strip the wax but will clean the surface. Looks like I will be looking for a different soap to wash my rig and truck. Just thought I would provide this FYI.

    • Blessed Mama Post author

      Yes, Dawn is wonderful for cleaning most things! Thank you for the info Marcel! We read the same thing as well! But after we washed it, we tore off all of the old brittle caulk & we re-caulked it, re-waxed it & we re-treated the canvas & seams as well. Very time consuming, but looked beautiful!

  • Wayne Fletcher

    Hi, Just bought a 1976 Chesney pop up that I’m looking forward to renovating. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I liked the way you did your bench tops and kitchen sink…..nice work.

  • nrg

    Just got a new to me 2001 Starcraft PUP. Will begin some reno’s in the next couple weeks. Can not wait to transform it. Thx for the pics. Always fun to see what others have done! Happy camping!

    • Blessed Mama Post author

      Good for you nrg.. I am so grateful you enjoyed our pictures! It is certainly fun to transform the very things that will bring us so much enjoyment! Best of luck; pictures of the PUP transformation would be fabulous! Memories are priceless…blessings on all of your camping adventures! Thank you…happy camping to you as well 😀

    • Blessed Mama Post author

      Well, Thank You very much Frankie, the hard work has definitely paid off! This has been our 3rd weekend camping since our remodel & although there are plenty of more “little things” we’d yet like to do, the updates have been wonderful & we have thoroughly enjoyed our new “home on wheels.” Stay tuned….more to come 🙂