Not My Battle


We all have battles that we struggle with. Some people battle struggles on a daily basis, some people have hurts that they can’t seem to heal. So, why do some people deal well with their struggles and others do not? Does it depend on their inner strength, their support system, or their faith in God? I believe it’s all of the above! God gives his toughest battles to His strongest soldiers.
Why do some people feel so compelled to help others carry and bury their burdens and other people want no part of it? The saying goes, let your scars be your testimony.
I have always been notorious for attracting people who need or want help; people who have battles they are trying to fight or wounds that they are trying to heal. I have been anywhere from the gas station to church groups and have people come to me pour their heart out to me about their struggles. Several times when we were at Wal-Mart, and after smiling at a stranger, they have came to me, crying about the battles they are fighting, tears and all. And, of course, I listened to them and shared a hug with them. After they walked away, my sons and husband asked who they were, and of course were shocked to find out that I had no idea, but after time they realized that this is not unusual for me.
Why would I take the time to listen to a complete stranger, people ask? It’s simple, I am used to it and I feel that I have a few minutes to spare out of my day to truly listen to someone in hopes that possibly I might have helped them.  Or maybe they had no one else and just needed someone to listen, and maybe I was that person? I always find these random encounters strange, but am satisfied after listening.
My friends and family tell me that my empathic soul shines and most people see it…lol. There may be some truth to that….
I am a person who has been to battle with struggles more than most people have, and I always come out victorious. I am not saying I don’t fall every time, but that I dust myself off and get back up charging! My scars are many, but my strength is proof that hard times can be overcome.
When I “feel” someone is reaching out to me, I feel a strong sense of compassion & empathy. I feel compelled to help people who are hurting! After all, I have been to battle and back many times and have learned lessons from each one…maybe I can help someone, or everyone! But of course, that is not always the case, but I do give it a fair try! I have learned that some people just like to complain, some people just like reassurance & understanding, some people just need someone to listen, and some people truly want advice, now whether they use it or not is another story! I also learned that I cannot “save” everyone, but that it is up to them to want the help and want to change, or nothing anyone else does for them will help. Being how I am, I put my whole heart into helping others and can truly feel their “pain.” So in a sense, I feel others pain and I sympathize with their situation! I get frustrated when I put so much of my time and energy (I can get emotionally exhausted) into helping people and in the end they don’t appreciate it or they truly didn’t want to help themselves or change their situation.
Thus, my conclusion, always pick your battles & know when to walk away. Your peace is more important than trying to help someone who is not ready to accept the truth & help.

Love & blessings,


❤ Blessed Mama ❤

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