Mountain Man Breakfast Bake

Mountain Man Breakfast Bake

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

1 hour

Number of servings: 12

Per Serving 478 calories

Fat 40 g

Carbs 7 g

Protein 23 g


Mountain Man Breakfast Bake

We love to make this recipe when we go camping (dutch oven recipe below in notes), have overnight visitors, or just to make to feed our household of HUNGRY boys. This recipe feeds many people and is a filling & delicious start to the day. *This recipe is pretty versatile, so feel free to mix it up to your may add ham, turkey sausage, eliminate the bacon or sausage etc.. I love to add mozzarella cheese with the cheddar, so find what mixtures of cheeses you like and add them! Add or remove eggs to suit your taste and even try just using egg whites to make it healthier! The possibilities are endless! ENJOY 🙂


  • Bag of frozen diced potatoes
  • 8 eggs
  • 1/8 Cup of milk
  • 1/2 Cup diced yellow onion.
  • 3/4 Cup diced pepper (any color)
  • 8-10 Slices of cooked bacon, crumbled
  • 8 Cooked Sausage links (cut into 1/4" pieces) or (6 Cooked Sausage patties (crumbled)
  • 2 cups of Shredded Cheddar
  • 1/4 tsp of garlic salt
  • 1/4 tsp of onion powder
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  1. Preheat the oven at 400 degrees.
  2. Mix diced potatoes, peppers & onions in a large casserole dish.
  3. Add bacon & sausage and mix into the potato mixture.
  4. IN a mixing bowl, whip the eggs with milk and mix in the onion powder & garlic salt.
  5. Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes.
  6. Add salt & pepper to taste (I usually use about 1/8 tsp of each).
  7. Lastly, sprinkle cheese over the top.
  8. Bake for about 45-50 minutes, or until the egg is firm and the edges are browned.


*TIPS: In a hurry? A quick way to do this recipe is to use pre-cooked sausage & real bacon bits, and sometimes I buy the frozen diced potatoes with the peppers and onions already in the package. I will prepare my egg mixture up ahead of time and keep it in the frig until ready to use. DUTCH OVEN RECIPE: If you want to make this while camping, we cover our dutch oven with tin foil (easy clean-up) and follow the directions above. I always prepare the egg mixture before and keep it in a tightly closed container and keep in the cooler with ice. After preparing the casserole bake in the dutch oven, place the lid on & place about 15-17 lit charcoal pieces under the dutch oven and about 10 lit pieces of charcoal on the top of the lid of the dutch oven. It usually takes about a good hour to 1 hour 10 minutes to cook thoroughly through. After cooking for about 50 minutes, check the bake to make sure the egg is firming up and it is not burning.

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