No one is too busy! NO EXCUSES..No matter what, when you care about MAKE the time! IT'S ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES!

“Too busy” is just an excuse!


No one is too busy! NO EXCUSES..No matter what, when you care about MAKE the time! IT'S ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES!

No one is too busy..NO EXCUSES! No matter what, when you care about MAKE the time! IT’S ALL ABOUT PRIORITIES!

Now a days, it is becoming increasingly easy for family & friends to disconnect from one another on a personal level because of the easy access to computers, cell phones, and social media etc. Many people use these things as their main way of communicating. It pains me to see the decreasing, in-person “quality time” between so many relationships, and the excuses as to why people don’t personally communicate or spend “quality time” with the people who matter the most to them!

Have you ever been hurting & needed a shoulder to cry on, had some exciting or painful news to share, or wanted to “reconnect” or “catch up” with someone you care about, only to hear one excuse after another about why they can’t make time for you?

Have you ever texted or called someone who did not bother to take a few minutes out of their “busy” day to respond within a reasonable amount of time, or did they just not respond at all?
I am pretty sure we have all been there, so we all probably know how that feels! IT HURTS, and no one likes to be hurt!!!!

Yes, no doubt, life does “get in the way” and we all get overwhelmed when we have oodles of priorities to attend to! But being “too busy” is just AN EXCUSE, an excuse to get out of making time for someone or something! And, the reality is, ARE WE REALLY TOO BUSY???

I firmly believe it does NOT take much time nor effort to be there for someone, or to respond to their call or text, especially when it is important to the other person! Never be too busy, too tired, too sick, nor too selfish to make time! Find the time, no matter how hectic things get! YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME FOR THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE & THINGS in your life, NO ifs, ands, or buts about it!

By making “excuses” or “ignoring” a person’s effort to spend time or communicate with you, you could possibly be missing out on some amazing relationships, quality time, stories, adventures, memories, etc. And let’s face it, once the time has passed, it can not be relived.

So, may I ask that during your “busy” lives, you always take time (even if it is just a few minutes), to reconnect with the people who matter most to you, for someday God will need them back and you won’t be able to get those precious people or times back! Be thoughtful, send a card, gift, text, or call someone just to remind them what they mean to you! It is important that they feel appreciated & loved back as much as we want to feel that from them!

Reminder: Do onto others as you want done to you!
TRANSLATION: If you would not want someone to ignore your efforts of communicating, or spending time with you, please don’t ignore someone else’s efforts! Be careful, for most people will eventually get “worn out” trying to acquire or continue a relationship with someone when there is no reciprocating effort or thoughtfulness on the other’s behalf.

Do you make excuses, or do you make an effort? Truly think about how much that relationship means to you before you decide not to make, nor reciprocate an effort with that person. Never make someone feel that they are unimportant to you! And I want you to think about their efforts as well. Be wise and strong enough to let go of those who make excuses instead of effort, and those relationships of “convenience.” If you matter to them, there are no good excuses of always being “too busy” until they need something from you!

Dear Lord,
Please help me to be accepting of the people I can not change, to have the heart to help the people who I can, and the wisdom to guard my heart when needed.
Lord, please help me to cherish and appreciate the people you have blessed me with..reminding me to be gentle with my words, caring & thoughtful with their heart, accepting of their flaws, respectful of their lives, understanding of their hurts, patient with their love, and appreciative of their kindness & efforts.
Make me the person who people want & need in their lives. Help me to be their shoulder to cry on, hand to lift them, their encouragement, and their happiness. Please surround me with only the people who will love & appreciate me as much as I do them; people who will be there for me when I need them, people who bring me joy & happiness, and those who appreciate all that I have to offer (even if it is not much, it may be all I have at that moment)! And, Lord, please give me the wisdom to know when someone is not responsive to my efforts, and the strength to let them go when they are always too busy to make an effort.


Love & Blessings Always,
❤ Blessed Mama ❤

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