Your Past Can Either Haunt You or Heal You


While I was scrolling through prayers on my InstaPray app, one prayer in particular caught my eye. This young lady’s prayer was all about ridiculing & blaming herself for being a horrible person. As I read it, it brought me back to some dark times & I felt her pain. I felt compelled to write to her to try to help heal her pain.

I realized that many people suffer through their past & cling to their mistakes. And, like myself, sometimes it is harder to forgive ourselves & easier to take blame.

I responded by telling her that she is probably being more hard on herself than she should be and that she needed to forgive herself and move forward. She needed to heal to find peace and ask God to lead her to be the best that she can be! And most of all, she needed to forgive herself as our Lord has forgiven her.

In closing, I told her that:

her past can either haunt her or heal her….

This is a choice that only she could make for herself. That she needed to have enough faith to let go & let God guide her to healing & peace and to keep moving forward. That time does not always heal, but God does!

We are all human! We are flawed, we are scarred, we hurt, we struggle, and we are sinful. It’s up to us to figure out how to overcome these painful feelings, learn how to heal, and how to forgive.

Blame, unforgiveness, and pain can scar deeper than anything else. When we are broken we need to heal before we can find peace & happiness. A bandage is a temporary fix, but healing will bind up all wounds.

This young girl, who has carried so much baggage along with her on her journey, was not much different than myself many times during my journey. She seemed beyond grateful for my help. Her response seemed as if she immediately let go of her baggage and was on the road to healing & peace!

As I end, I want you to drop your baggage and decide that your past will heal you & not haunt you! Pray for the good Lord to guide you to peace & forgiveness!

Psalm 147:3 ~He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Blessings & love always,

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